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David J Redman is a 28-year-old Italian-Canadian music video, commercial, and film director from a small town north of Toronto, ON. David started his own production company, RedTip Productions, with DOP/Editor Matt Tipold in 2013. After completing his film & media degree in 2017, David dove straight into full-time with his production company.

David's motivation stems from a love of dramatic and comedic cinema, and sports. David prioritizes storytelling and evoking audience emotion in his work. His shooting style can't be held to one specific category or approach, as David excels at adapting to the creative needs of the project.


David applies his background in athletics to his mentality on set. It's a team game and everyone needs to be clicking to succeed. David takes it upon himself to lead by example and establish an energetic, positive atmosphere on set.

David has worked with brands/companies such as Sony Music, Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Almost Friday Media, Vans, The Beard Club, BeatBox Beverages.


Besides the grind, David is a pretty chill dude that likes to make funny videos with his friends, play sports, and lift a few weights.

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